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We support our realtime training and coaching efforts with a number of online learning tools, some of which are still in development. They include the three mini-modules you can access here, designed for use before or after a real-time seminar. Check back with us for our full online course offering.

Courses Overview

Playing with Icebergs

Never take what people demand at the table at face value. Always enquire as to what is really in their "iceberg": what are their unspoken interests and perceptions and how can you connect to that to make win-win possible? (Course requires Flash)

Learn about playing with Icebergs

Evaluating BATNAs

Always know what else you could do before signing an agreement. Sometimes your Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement is a better bet. And it gives you the freedom to walk away. (Course requires Flash)

Learn how to evaluate BATNAs

Making the pie bigger

Negotiation is all about creating value, “making the pie bigger” before we begin to argue over who gets what piece. It is almost never a zero-sum game. (Course requires Flash)

Learn how to make the pie bigger

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